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Nov 17, 2020

Originally set for release on May 15, musical icon Jon Bon Jovi’s 15th studio album, aptly titled “2020” was already a collection with breadth and depth of songwriting named after a challenging and pivotal year.

Along with all of America, Jon found himself unexpectedly experiencing a world-altering coronavirus pandemic, followed quickly by the staggering events bombarding us in the news, which let to two additional new songs encompassing these events “American Reckoning” and “Do What You Can” which made the album a complete body of work.

Well known for his extensive philanthropic work, Jon has balanced his art by spending the initial quarantine days and weeks helping feed those in need at his JBJ Soul Kitchen Community Restaurant in Red Bank, NJ.

Discussing his work and new album with Lyor Cohen, Global Head of Music for Google and YouTube, here is Jon Bon Jovi, “2020”.

Visit to watch the video.