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Talks at Google brings the world’s most influential thinkers, creators, makers, and doers all to one place. Every episode is taken from a video that can be seen at

May 27, 2022

David Baddiel visits Google to discuss his book "Jews Don’t Count", which uses a unique combination of reasoning, polemic, personal experience, and humour to discuss how antisemitism does not fit into traditional narratives and perceptions of racism.

David’s book is aimed at people who consider themselves to be “fighting the good fight” against homophobia, ableism, transphobia and, particularly, racism. The comedian and writer follows the antisemitism he finds in his Twitter feed to the stage, through the media, and into politics, arguing that those who think of themselves as on the “right side of history” have often ignored antisemitism. The book outlines how and why this came to be in these modern times of intensely heightened awareness of oppressed groups.

Moderated by James Rosenthal.

Visit to watch the video.