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May 31, 2022

Dr. Lutza Ireland joins Google during Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month to discuss a neurosmart edition on how to love, live and work better. Have you ever wondered if someone really cares about you? Ever been told that you are ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’; maybe both? Maybe you tried as hard as you could, yet the feedback was ‘if only you tried harder’? Diversity in how people think, feel, and communicate means we often misunderstand each other, despite our best intentions. In this Talk, Dr. Lutza will introduce vital upgrades to our metaphorical ‘user guide’ to help us better navigate neurodiversity.

Dr. Lutza is a psychologist and multi-award-winning social designer. She is passionate about making the invisible aspects of neurodiversity and mental health visible and workable. She uses design thinking to develop innovative resources, products, and services, such as the graphic ‘Stress and Anxiety during COVID’ field guide and bespoke neuro-inclusion employment pilots for large organizations.

Moderated by Jim Hogan.

Visit to watch the video.