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Jul 26, 2022

Chef Tala Bashmi visits Google to discuss her successful culinary career and how she is bringing cuisine from the Gulf region to the forefront of the global food industry.

Tala Bashmi started her culinary career by joining The Gulf Hotel Bahrain as a trainee and eventually working her way up the ranks. She studied at the Culinary Arts Academy in Lucerne, Switzerland, where she received her Masters of International Business in Culinary Management. Returning to the Middle East, she joined the cast of Top Chef, Middle East & North Africa, as a contestant, where she finished in the finals and showcased the modernized Bahraini cuisine that she would become famous for. Chef Tala then opened her inaugural restaurant Fusions by Tala in her home country of Bahrain, where she prides herself in her daring and willingness to experiment with a range of ingredients and techniques that come from different parts of the world.

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