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The Talks at Google podcast - where great minds meet.

Talks at Google brings the world’s most influential thinkers, creators, makers, and doers all to one place. Every episode is taken from a video that can be seen at

Mar 10, 2023

Susan MacKenty Brady, Janet Foutty & Dr. Lynn Perry Wooten visit Google to discuss their book "Arrive and Thrive: 7 Impactful Practices for Women Navigating Leadership." Three of today’s top women leaders in business and academia, the authors hail from very different worlds―each brings a different career path, focus of experience, and personal point of view. In this book, you’ll learn to make the best choices for yourself, your team, your industry, and your community.

This timely guide reveals seven practices you can use to thrive as you rise to positions of greater responsibility, risk, and reward―and empower others along the way. Powered by the latest research, boots-on-the-ground experience, and advice from 24 of the world's most successful leaders, the book captures ways to help you understand and leverage your unique personal powers so you can thrive in leadership.

Visit to watch the video.