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Jul 18, 2023

Author Shelmina Babai Abji visits Google to discuss her book “Show Your Worth: 8 Intentional Strategies for Women to Emerge as Leaders at Work”. The book provides readers with a toolbox designed to harness the power of intention and strategy to accelerate success—tailor-made for women who are underrepresented in their fields.

If you're a woman, especially a woman of color, you know this already: You face unique challenges and obstacles as you work to scale the corporate ladder. From not seeing other faces in the room that look like you to dealing with the stereotypes and often unconscious biases in the workplace, you may know what to do to succeed, but not how to get it done in this environment.

In pages that are both inspirational and practical, Shelmina Babai Abji speaks directly to professional women about how the power of being intentional and strategic can help transform the headwinds you face into much-needed tailwinds. Her book takes you on a deep dive into the 8 Intentional Strategies that will help you achieve success, including - success, attention, work/life balance, value creation, growth, relationships, leadership branding, and promotions.

Through Abji's personal experiences and the inspiring stories of other successful women who have applied these strategies in their own lives, you will come to deeply understand just how important your voice is and know that your unique value makes you a force in any room.

Visit to watch the video.