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Jul 2, 2020

The Search for Racial Equity Series is a forum offering an in depth study and dialog of racial equity and justice, globally. We amplify the most authentic and powerful voices of our time and of the racial justice movement. Google is using its global platform to create safe spaces for the most important and timely discussions.

Watch now via and make sure to watch John Lewis: Good Trouble via this link.

As the world continues to fight for racial justice - many of us wonder the same thing: How can we make a real, lasting difference? Meaningful change often begins with meaningful conversation.

To contribute to that dialogue and our commitment to racial equity and inclusion, Google is launching a weekly series on our Talks at Google YouTube channel that amplifies some of the most authentic and influential voices of our time and this global movement. The Search for Racial Equity Series, beginning on Friday, July 3, will host authentic, open discussions that reckon with the structural and systemic racism Black people have experienced over generations.

In this premiere episode, we’re talking with Dawn Porter and producer Erika Alexander, the minds behind the upcoming documentary John Lewis: Good Trouble, to share what they learned creating this film and their insights on storytelling for social impact. Through interviews and rare archival footage, the movie harnesses the power of storytelling and sheds light on Lewis' 60-plus years of social activism and legislative action. It also highlights a key theme that will appear throughout The Search for Racial Equity Series: our responsibility to take action against injustice.

Lewis, a living example of social responsibility, is a fitting start to a series that seeks to inspire those looking to get involved. As racial justice remains top of mind and we all are searching for ways to join in these efforts, we might look to his words and driving philosophy: "When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, say something! Do something! Get in trouble, good trouble!" .

The message is clear: It’s time to get into a little “good trouble” ourselves. The purpose of holding these talks isn't just to have a conversation—it's to empower change. Positive change isn't only affected by policy-makers and politicians. A movement's true momentum lies with people. And with the right tools and information, that energy won't fizzle out anytime soon.

To join the conversation, catch the World Premiere Live Watch Party at 8 PM ET on Friday, July 3, on the Talks at Google YouTube channel and be sure to set your reminder by visiting and don't miss your chance to join us in the Search for Racial Equity.