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The Talks at Google podcast - where great minds meet.

Talks at Google brings the world’s most influential thinkers, creators, makers, and doers all to one place. Every episode is taken from a video that can be seen at

Apr 16, 2024

Neuroscience specialist Stefanie Faye visits Google to discuss neurophysiology and its connection to mental health, drawing from her book Biomechanics of Human Communication: Neurophysiology, Regulation, and Systems Thinking.

Stefanie Faye is a neuroscience specialist with expertise in optimizing learning, performance,...

Mar 8, 2024

Dr. Shanna Swan visits Google to discuss her book "Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Development, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race".

In 2017, Dr. Shanna Swan and her team of researchers completed a major study, finding that over the past four...

Feb 2, 2024

Math is boring, says the mathematician and comedian Matt Parker.

Part of the problem may be the way the subject is taught, but it's also true that we all, to a greater or lesser extent, find math difficult and counterintuitive. This counterintuitiveness is actually part of the point, argues Parker: the extraordinary...

Jan 16, 2024

Nick Lane visits Google to discuss his new book “Transformer: The Deep Chemistry of Life and Death.”

What brings the Earth to life, and our own lives to an end?

For decades, biology has been dominated by the study of genetic information. Information is important, but it is only part of what makes us alive. Our...

Dec 12, 2023

Mathematician and author Eugenia Cheng visits Google to discuss her book “Is Math Real?: How Simple Questions Lead Us to Mathematics’ Deepest Truths.” The book aims to liberate math from its shackles to show how human curiosity, creativity, rule-breaking and seemingly silly questions can point us to some of...