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Dec 17, 2021

Few American chefs, much less female chefs, can say they’ve run Michelin-starred restaurants abroad. Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli can make such a boast, having embarked on a culinary journey in France that saw her working in some of that country’s top restaurants, including esteemed chef Guy Savoy’s eponymous three-star kitchen. In 2003, Guarnaschelli became the executive chef at Butter Restaurant in New York City, which provided the opportunity for her to develop a menu based on her own choices and point of view. Today, Guarnaschelli is recognized as one of America’s most accomplished top chefs, acclaimed for her work in the kitchen, as a popular television personality, and now as an author.

Her second cookbook, The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart, is a compendium of the indispensable dishes that she feels should be in every cook’s repertoire, for every occasion and every palate. The chapters and recipes of The Home Cook are inspired by the foods of Alex’s childhood, her own travels & experience as a mother, as well as her many years spent as a chef in world-renowned kitchens. As delightful to read as it is instructive, The Home Cook is a must-have resource that will become the most-reached-for book on the shelves of home cooks everywhere.

Originally published in September of 2018.

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