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Jan 13, 2023

Dr. John P. Kotter is a New York Times best-selling author, award winning business and management thought leader, business entrepreneur, inspirational speaker and Harvard Professor. His ideas, books, speeches, and company, Kotter International, have helped mobilize people around the world to better lead organizations, and their own lives.

Dr. Kotter visits Google to discuss his book "Change: How Organizations Achieve Hard-to-Imagine Results In Uncertain and Volatile Times".

In the 21st century, the stakes for organizations, and more broadly humankind, are large and growing. The events of the last few years, from the Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis, to the social justice protests in the United States and the climate change induced forest fires in Australia and California, are a reminder that the world is increasingly unpredictable. Our ability to effectively adapt our institutions and engage many hearts, minds, and arms to deal with rapid and complex changes will have a profound impact on how we collectively address these challenges. The science and the stories of that science in action, shared in this book, will guide the reader in making decisions, mobilizing others, and executing change that will help individuals, teams, and organizations survive and thrive even in highly uncertain times.

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