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Jan 24, 2023

Susan Wilner Golden visits Google to discuss her book, “Stage (Not Age): How to Understand and Serve People Over 60 – the Fastest Growing, Most Dynamic Market in the World”. The book discusses the $22 trillion opportunity that can be unlocked if we rethink everything we think we know about people over 60. The book is the concise guide to helping companies understand and serve this market by focusing on life stage, not age, and identifying the deep diversity of needs within the demographic.

In the time it takes you to listen to this sentence, another twenty Americans will turn sixty-five. Ten thousand people a day are crossing that threshold, and that number will continue to grow. In fifteen years, Americans aged sixty-five and over will outnumber those under age eighteen. Nearly everywhere in the world, people over sixty will become the dominant population. Demographers tend to think of this new longevity as a crisis we are not prepared for. And there are serious issues to address in order to serve this population, and society as a whole. But longevity also presents an opportunity for which companies need to develop a strategy. Estimates put the global market for this demographic at $22 trillion across every industry you can think of.

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