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The Talks at Google podcast - where great minds meet.

Talks at Google brings the world’s most influential thinkers, creators, makers, and doers all to one place. Every episode is taken from a video that can be seen at

Sep 22, 2023

Dr. Nathalie Cabrol visits Google to discuss the science and technology of exploring Saturn’s moon, Titan.

Titan is the largest moon in the Saturn system. It is 50% larger than the Earth's moon, has an atmosphere, and is presumed to have seas filled with methane and other hydrocarbons. In order for humanity to...

Sep 19, 2023

Comedic actor, producer, and writer Rainn Wilson visits Google to discuss his book “Soul Boom: Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution.” The book is a deep-dive into the problem-solving benefits that spirituality gives us to create solutions for an increasingly challenging world.

The trauma that our species has...

Sep 15, 2023

Dr. Robert Califf visits Google to share his views on the nascent field of technology-enabled healthcare.

One of the most prominent and influential physician-scientists in the US, Robert is the Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, where he is responsible for protecting public health by assuring the safety...

Sep 12, 2023

Actor, producer and director Idris Elba visits Google to discuss the creative influence that Africa and its diaspora has across the tech, entertainment and business worlds.

The only child of African immigrants to the UK, Idris Elba is one of a handful of British actors who can claim to be a Hollywood leading man. In...

Sep 8, 2023

Behaviorist dog trainer Rob Peladeau visits Google to discuss effective strategies for training your dog. Rob has been training dogs for almost twenty years, specializing in behavior modification and rehabilitation of aggressive and reactive dogs, as well as problem solving for unwanted behaviors. Rob and his company...