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Jan 10, 2023

Neuroscientist and author Greg Gage visits Google to discuss his recent book "How Your Brain Works: Neuroscience Experiments for Everyone.” The book is detailed guide on how to discover the hidden electrical world inside your nervous system using DIY, hands-on experiments, for all ages, with no MD or PhD required!

The workings of the brain are mysterious: What are neural signals? What do they mean? How do our senses really sense? How does our brain control our movements? What happens when we meditate? In "How Your Brain Works", neuroscientist Greg Gage offers a practical guide that is accessible to readers from middle schoolers to college undergraduates wanting to learn about the brain through hands-on experiments that can be done at home.

Greg Gage is an NIH-award winning neuroscientist and cofounder of Backyard Brains—an organization that develops open source tools that allow amateurs and students to participate in neural discovery. Greg has given nine popular TED Talks on neuroscience and has written dozens of peer-reviewed publications.

Visit to watch the video.