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Mar 17, 2023

Emily Fletcher, one of the world's leading experts on meditation, visits Google to explain the differences between two popular styles of meditation, how they affect the brain differently, and the impact of stress on performance. Emily also leads the audience through a simple breathing technique and guided visualization that helps balance the right and left sides of the brain.

This talk also covers how the fight or flight reaction can work for you or against you, why emotional intelligence is so important for not only personal happiness, but professional success, and how to not let goals get in the way of success.

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of zivaMIND, the first online meditation training program. She began her meditation training in Rishikesh, India and was inspired to become a meditation teacher after experiencing the profound physical and mental benefits it provided her during her 10-year career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers, A Chorus Line and many others.

Originally published in July of 2014.

Visit to watch the video.